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Here are a few companies that use our services:

Welcome to Sincera Consulting


Sincera has been in the telecom managed services business since 2003, and in that time we’ve grown from a small one-person operation into a professional telecom consulting organization capable of meeting the needs of customers both small and large.

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With decades of experience within the telecom services network industry, Sincera Consulting understands the intricacies of the Ericsson Adaptive Inventory (EAI) (formerly Granite Inventory platform) platform.

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Sincera Consulting developed the Simple Automated Services Interface (SASI) to function within the Ericsson Adaptive Inventory (EAI), formerly Granite Inventory, platform as a way to save our telecom clients’ time and resources.

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What's in a name?

Doing good work leads to more work in the future.

When you work with Sincera, you can be assured that the services you receive will be of the highest quality, without hidden flaws or problems.

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