Sincera has been in the telecom managed services business since 2003, and in that time we’ve grown from a small one-person operation into a professional telecom consulting organization capable of meeting the needs of customers both small and large. As we’ve grown, we’ve been able to maintain a customer-service driven approach towards our work – ensuring that what we deliver is what our customers want and need. At Sincera, we believe that the best software in the world isn’t much good without a high-quality implementation to make it work for you.

Over the course of time, Sincera has built a reputation for delivering high-quality IT support services to our customers in the telecommunications field. In particular, we are specialists in the EAI, formerly Granite Inventory, platform by Ericsson. Sincera’s knowledge of the systems we work on is grounded in our many years of experience with those systems. Many of us are former employees of Granite Systems (the original developers of the Granite Inventory software) and Telcordia Technolgies, now a part of Ericsson. We started with Granite’s original Xpercom product, through their transition to Xng and then to Telecordia’s Granite® platform and Ericsson’s Adaptive Inventory platform. Our staff includes from Granite Systems:

  • The Director of Implementations
  • The VP of Professional Services
  • The Senior Project Manager for Implementations
  • The Manager of Database Engineering
  • Several Sr. Staff Consultants and Solutions Architects

Since our founding, Sincera has been the vendor of choice for numerous professional and technical IT support services, implementation software, and development contracts. Our customers include wireless carriers, other professional services firms, and software development organizations. We pride ourselves on our impressive track record in telecom managed services.

The Sincera Consulting team believes in the simple premise that doing good work will lead to more work. Our customers value our honesty and approachability, and we never make promises we cannot keep. Our goal is to deliver exceptional technology and service in our market.