Next Generation Telecom Summit, Miami, FL

Posted on October 27, 2011 by Sincera Staff

Sincera Staff

Sincera has just wrapped up another successful event in our long associated with GDS International, the organizer of the NGT summits.  This was the North America Summit, with vendors and telecoms selected from the broad array in the North American region.  We had a number of meetings with executives from telecoms that use Granite Inventory™ as their database-of-record for network inventory.  We continued to see a lot of interest in our SASI line of software as customers seek to drive cost out of maintaining and improving their network inventory.

The watchword all year has been “data integrity”, and we found that theme echoed time and again in our meetings.  Customers have come to know that the biggest benefits of Granite can only be realized if they have high-quality, complete and accurate data.  The need for a simple and quick method to update their data is what’s driving the sales of SASI software.