Sincera Introduces Simple Automated Services Interface (SASI)

Posted on September 29, 2008 by Sincera Staff

Sincera Staff

Sincera Consulting LLC, a leading provider of professional, development and training services supporting Telcordia’s Granite inventory platform, has introduced their Simple Automated Services Interface (SASI), a new service that allows Granite inventory users to automate activities in Granite that are repetitive, manual and time intensive.

“Activities in Granite such as decommissioning switching facilities, renaming thousands of equipment ports or updating thousands of segments with relevant telco information are large, time-consuming efforts, requiring end users to manually look up the record, make the updates, and save the changes,” said Tom Wanek, President, Sincera Consulting. “Using SASI, Granite customers can reduce by orders of magnitude the time required to enter the data or make the changes in Granite. This reduces costs, increases data accuracy and provides a stronger ROI on their Granite inventory platform. SASI bridges the gap between forcing end users to rely on the Granite GUI for all changes, or implementing expensive full-automation systems that are difficult to install, hard to maintain and have a long payback period. With SASI, the benefits are available immediately and the ROI can be seen at once.”

SASI utilizes the Granite Advanced Services Interface (ASI), a Java-based API that supports interaction with the Granite application and database. This forces the changes and updates processed by SASI to honor the business logic built into Granite that governs the functionality of the application and validates the inventory data. Other methods for creating, updating and deleting records, which directly access the database, bypass Granite’s business logic and often result in application errors and possible data corruption.

“We see incredible potential for SASI in Granite customer environments,” says Wanek. “Since it uses Granite’s API, it is essentially another Granite end user of the application. It’s the perfect end user who instantly makes all the keystrokes and never makes a typo, takes a day off or goes on a coffee break. This service will allow Granite customers to quickly reflect network configuration changes in Granite so they can spend less time putting information into the application and more time making informed decisions about how to manage their networks”.