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Product Development

Sincera’s Product Development staff consists of highly experienced Granite and EAI developers.  All members of the development team have at least 10 years of Granite Development and testing experience.  Every member on the team has expert knowledge of the Granite and EAI development framework. The Development and Testing team for Sincera has done it all

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Our Process

A good equipment model forms the foundation of a good network representation. Sincera Consulting’s staff has the expertise to determine the exact equipment model best suited to represent the services our customers provide to their customers, allowing them to increase productivity, accuracy, and data integrity with improved telecom network solutions. The SASI technology developed by

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Application Customization

Listening to the customers concerns and needs is what separates Sincera’s process to custom application development from the rest of the field.  Our team understands the strength and weaknesses of Granite and EAI.  Many times after consulting with a customer, it is found that a custom application is not needed.  We never try to sell

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