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Audits and Computer System Validation

Telecom equipment has a pattern and a flow to it, and an experienced auditor can extrapolate that pattern, even when there's little physical evidence to follow. It comes from years of exposure to different environments and equipment, and from understanding what that equipment does and how it has to be connected in order for it to work.

Equipment Modeling

If you’re looking for equipment models that work for your organization, Sincera has a wealth of expertise that we can provide. From the simplest patch panels to the most complex optical switching equipment, Sincera’s professional consulting services can model and implement your database components.

Network Modeling

Network/Service modeling is the accurate representation of both physical and virtual connections. All of the elements in the EAI database (sites, equipment, ports, cables, etc.) exist solely to allow you to accurately model your networks and services. Physical connectivity, capacity management, network planning, and forecasting all depend on accurate and up-to-date network information, which rely on the right telecom network model.

Data Collection and Loading (ETL Tools)

Data collection and reading is summed up in Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) tools. These tools allow you to gather the data your system needs, format it to your specific interface, and finally upload it to the database. Each phase of the process is integral to the overall function and efficiency of your system.

System Installation Upgrades

Sincera can provide support for your organization during the entire system installation process, from specifying the hardware to planning the architecture to performing the actual installation. Configuring the system involves setting up all of the internal validation tables, the user profiles, the security settings, and the default parameters that suit your company.

Complete Implementations

If your implementation plan requires expert support in all phases, from the preliminary plans to the final data load, Sincera can provide what you need for the entire process. As the consultants behind numerous successful implementations, we can guide you through every step of the process. Sincera also offers business process incorporation, project management, budget and progress reporting, and scope management.

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