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Report Development

Many businesses need to answer key questions about their operations and inventory on a regular basis. To do this, they generally rely on a reports system to extract and analyze the necessary data. Most operating support system (OSS) software is installed with a generic reporting system, but your specific business needs access to specific reports that allow you to see trends in your inventory and network.

System Enhancements

Ericsson did not create a “one-size-fits-all” EAI platform for a reason: every telecom customer has unique needs. To anticipate these needs, they embedded various enhancements that can be loaded and customized into your system, such as name generators, extension points, and integrations.

Customized User Interfaces

A custom graphic user interface (GUI) design not only allows your organization to reduce training costs, it can also significantly increase the speed at which the entire organization adopts the new platform. System users prefer an operating system they are familiar with and companies save time and money when minimal training for a new interface is needed. By designing and implementing a custom interface that closely matches the previous model, you'll encourage faster adoption of the EAI platform throughout your company.

Database Performance Tuning

If you can tell your system is running slower than it should, there may be a bigger issue. Sincera Consulting can diagnose the problem and carry out database performance tuning to help your system be as powerful and effective as it can be. Whether you are dealing with an upgrade that needs to be made, an integration conflict, or hardware issues, Sincera will find the problem.

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