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Cloud Based Inventory Management

Let Sincera Cloud-enable your inventory data with a Cost-effective, scalable and future-proof solution that fits within your budgetary constraints

For most small to medium size enterprises with network infrastructure, Cloud-based Inventory Management system is a cost-effective and operationally viable alternative to premise-based solutions.  While providing complete Network Management Inventory functions at a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), a cloud-based inventory solution eliminates system administration requirements like Backups, Tuning, Database Administration, software upgrades, etc. Ericsson Adaptive Inventory SaaS provides a choice between the extremes of managing your network using spreadsheets, or committing to expensive premise-based solutions


Migration and Customization

Sincera has its own tools to enable fast and
accurate data migration between computers,..

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Support and Training Services

Sincera can provide different levels of
training including ongoing training and Train….

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  • Realize value within hours, not months

  • Manage current and future services with inventory for wireline, wireless, IP, and virtualized networks

  • A web-based dashboard provides instant visualization of physical & logical inventory

  • Use anywhere on both mobile and desktop devices

  • Cleanse, reconcile, normalize and migrate data from any source including spreadsheets

  • Customize EAI SaaS for your Operations

    • Use workflow/task management to mechanize processes to boost accuracy and reduce rework
    • Analyze data at all levels to enable network planning and manage the customer experience
    • Integrate with other Network Systems (OSS/BSS)
  • Frequent upgrades delivered seamlessly

  • Exceptional high resilience and zero-downtime

  • Support options – 24x7x365, 8x5x365 or Customized

  • Use of Open Source Software, DevOps and Micro Services

Ericsson EAI SaaS is designed for any enterprise with network infrastructure including telecom, cable, utilities, higher education, and state/local governments

Trusted by major telecom companies

Established in 2003, Sincera continues to serve major leaders in the telecom industry world wide.

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