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Migration and Customization

Understand the Ericsson Adaptive Inventory Models is key to successfully migrating existing data to the EAI SaaS solution. Sincera Understands the EAI SaaS Inventory Models and knows how to quickly and successfully migrate it into EAI SaaS.

Whether it be in Excel or a Database System, Sincera has the experience to help carriers prepare current Inventory data so it can be migrated into EASI SaaS. Sincera works with Providers to understand how current data will be modeled and displayed once it’s moved into the Ericsson SaaS solution. Sincera understands the importance of quality data standards and will provide solutions on best practices for modeling Inventory data for EAI SaaS.

Sincera is also an expert in integrating other OSS application data with the EAI SaaS application. Sincera knows and fully understand the EAI SaaS SDK and can provide customize integration from on-premise OSS application to the EAI SaaS solutions. Sincera understands how to extend the EAI SaaS Object Model, allowing for a seamless federated look and feel.

Migration of Data

  • Sincera has its own tools to enable fast and accurate data migration between computers, storage devices or formats. It is a key consideration for any system implementation, upgrade or consolidation.

  • During the data migration process, Sincera developed software programs are used to map system data for easy migration.

  • Data migration can be categorized as storage migration, database migration, application migration and business process migration

Integration of Systems – OSS/BSS

  • Identify non-compliant data – incorrect formats, missing data, improper naming conventions

  • Integration of various OSS & BSS systems to each other is one of the major offers of Sincera

    • Cloud-to-Cloud integration

    • Cloud to on-premise integration

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Established in 2003, Sincera continues to serve major leaders in the telecom industry world wide.

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