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Support and Training Services

Professional implementation, training, and support services are part of the complete Sincera Ericsson adaptive Inventory for SaaS solution. Sincera offers on-site and remote instructor-led training classes using web meeting capabilities. Sincera will work to ensure training strategies are tailored to each customer’s preferences.


Sincera can provide different levels of training option including ongoing training and Train-the-trainer for

  • Admin

  • User

  • Developers

  • Management


Depending on customer’s requirements, Sincera can provide support services for EAI SaaS

  • Sincera can act as the first line of support for EAI SaaS

  • Different levels of support ranging from 24×7 yearlong to 8×5 for standard business days or custom solutions

Application support addresses issues involving core functionality, basic application configuration, user security and setup, and other user interface and training issues. Technical support addresses issues involving import and export of data, Sincera-developed interfaces/integration with other systems, as well as troubleshooting related network issues. High priority (e.g. system integration not functioning as designed) calls are triaged by our senior architect. Long-term support also provides help with new EAI SaaS functionality and assurance that current Sincera Integration solutions continue to work after EAI SaaS upgrades.

Trusted by major telecom companies

Established in 2003, Sincera continues to serve major leaders in the telecom industry world wide.

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