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OSS Architecture

Service Providers find many drivers behind the constant need to evolve and transform their OSS (Operations Support Systems) architecture. Most of these business drivers fall into one of two categories: Cost Efficiency or Time-to-Market. In all these cases the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for maintaining and enhancing OSS increases exponentially as the underlying network grows in size and complexity. In the absence of a flexible, agile, and forward-looking OSS Architecture plan, the changes required to meet these business drivers take more time and cost to implement resulting in lost revenue and competitive disadvantage.

Typical Time-to-Market Drivers for Telecom Service Providers

Typical Cost Efficiency Drivers for Telecom Service Providers

Sincera understands these
challenges and has the solutions

Sincera has the domain expertise, methodology and experienced personnel to assist IT and Operation organizations in development of a cohesive OSS architecture and evolution roadmap. Using our IPO (Inputs-Planning-Outputs) methodology, we will work with your key personnel to gather and organize information on the current state of the OSS architecture, short and long-term business and operational drivers. Identify any gaps in required input information and work with your organizations to fill those gaps. We will then develop a target architecture for your OSS based on industry best practices, best-in-class technology solutions, and most importantly your business objectives.

A target architecture cannot be realized unless there is a practical and detailed roadmap to guide various internal and external efforts in the right direction. Sincera IPO process also produces such a roadmap including metrics to track and measure progress, risks and risks mitigation plans, and cost analysis with ROI.

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