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Network Data Integrity

Data integrity is the challenge that our customers speak of first when we talk with them. Every effort imaginable to reduce costs and improve your ROI depends on an accurate and complete inventory of your network. Process automation? Flow-through provisioning? Workforce productivity enhancement? AI and machine learning? All of them require data integrity to work. With it, the fallout from these beneficial improvements overwhelms your team, greatly reducing their ability to drive costs out of your network.

Sincera takes a three-pronged approach
to ensure the integrity of network data:

Keep the bad data out of the system

To maintain the integrity of your network inventory you need filters on the inputs to the system to ensure that inaccurate or erroneous data never gets in.

Sincera provides custom interfaces (both UI and system integrations) that validate the data before it’s entered into the system. Sincera also provides world-class expertise in network and equipment modeling for your inventory system. Keeping bad data out begins with ensuring a standard for what good data looks like.

Find the bad data already
in the system.

Keeping bad data out is only half the solution: you must also remediate the bad data already in the system. It’s good to keep the bad data out, but the existing historical data must also be validated and updated to give you a solid base you can build on.

Sincera has automated and manual tools for our customers to find bad models, incomplete data, non-standard data, etc. And once we find it, we have the tools to make the bulk corrections necessary to fix the problem.

Guard against new sources of bad data

A new process or a new team can inadvertently introduce data errors into your system. No system is static, and even the best-designed additions can have unexpected consequences. That’s why it’s important to continually evaluate your data integrity.

Sincera’s tools can monitor your data and let you know when incorrect data begins to appear in your system so you can correct the problem before it grow. And by finding the errors you can find the source and correct it before the problem grows.

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