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Program Management

You have projects, lots and lots of projects. All of them with unique requirements, time lines and solutions. Our Program Management team will work with your Project Managers across a multitude of projects to provide leadership seasoned with 20+ years in the Telcom industry. From Initiation, Definition of Project Scope, Project Planning, Monitoring, Issue identification, Risk Mitigation, Execution, Lessons Learned and Project Close Out, Sincera Program Management will engage with your PMs utilizing PMBOK best practice processes. All projects will be clearly defined, monitored and provide reporting that allows stakeholders as well as project sponsors to have a consistent experience across all projects assigned to the Sincera Program Management team.

Process for the sake of process is merely busy work. Effective project process allows work to flow both effectively and consistently, maximizing the time of all stakeholders with clear project communication that allows them to know quickly, Project Scope, Status, Issues/Risks and what if anything is in their court to prevent project success. Sincera’s Program Management Office will work with your team collaboratively to assist with project documentation that is appropriate for your project. From beginning to end, project initiation to project close out are documented with your collaboration so that all project artifacts can be utilized as you may need. Sincera Program Management will engage best practice processes to meet your goals, as well as sustain them efficiently and cost-effectively.

We are highly experienced at successful project completion. Whether we are assisting your Project Managers with generating Microsoft Project Plan Templates, Project Workflows, Auditing your Network or Converting Databases, Sincera’s approach for Program Management utilizes a PMBOK framework customized to meet your project requirements. Consistency and repeatability coupled with clear communication to all stakeholders are the key indicators for successful projects, with Sincera’s PMO you see all of these in motion. Whether your project is in the Initiation Phase or should have been completed last week and needs to be brought back on track our Program Management Office will work with your stakeholders to validate, document and communicate all requirements so that your project can go from that pesky set of sticky notes with the brilliant idea to successfully completed, within budget, on-time, every time.

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