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Software Frameworks

Sincera’s agile software frameworks have at its core that constant attention to technical excellence and design will enhance agility. Using Industry standard development platforms, Sincera has built a series of development Classes and libraries. These Pre-Built and Pre-Tested frameworks allow for a consistent application behavior across all our software Solutions. Since Sincera’s Software Frameworks include Industry recognized business processes and best practices, the time to market for software solutions is reduced and new feature to current solutions can be added at a faster pace.

An example is the easy interchanging of third party API into Sincera’s development tools. With a minimal amount of effort, Sincera’s compliance and data management tools can adjust from one OSS inventory solution to another solution.

Another example is Sincera’s Framework use of Micro Services. Using defined standards, Sincera compliance framework allows for the easy addition of new import and export data sources. The customer is able to build on current features and add new features using the framework built into its compliance engine.

Key Benefits

  • Pre-Built and Pre-Tested Telecommunication Classes and Libraries

  • Incorporates industry standard and Best practices.

  • Current solution features can be easily extended

  • Each software solution is based on Telecommunication business processes.

  • There is no need to reinvent the wheel each time a new software solution is required.

Trusted by major telecom companies

Established in 2003, Sincera continues to serve major leaders in the telecom industry world wide.

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