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Flexible Delivery Models

Every customer is unique: their business model, their network infrastructure, their organizational hierarchy, their billing process. That’s why it can be a problem if your vendor doesn’t understand the need to match their delivery model to your company’s needs and to the pace of your operations. Your vendor should match the structure of their deliverables schedule to your exact needs, not deliver too slowly or too quickly.

Sincera understands that no single delivery model can meet the needs of our customers, so we don’t have a single delivery model. Instead we customize our delivery to meet the needs of each of our customers.


In this model, the delivery is based on a per-item or per-operation model. Billing is based on how much work is being delivered so that the customer can tie their expenditures directly to the benefits they’ve received. Sincera finds that this model works well for staffing support needs that work with business-as-usual deliverables such as network provisioning, network design, and other ongoing business needs.

Time and materials

For projects where there’s no clear understanding of the scope of the effort, but the desired outcome can be clearly stated. Sincera will match our level of support and our staffing to your operational needs, or to your budget, or any other factor. Over time, this often changes to outcome-based delivery.

Per project

This is a popular option for development work, systems integration work and for projects with a set number of elements. Sincera can provide a defined project with milestones, deliverables, and payment options clearly stated up front to allow your organization to effectively budget both your time and your expenditures.


Some projects require a blend of the above models. For example, a project that requires both the development of a new software system and the staffing to run that system on your behalf. Sincera can easily provide a suitable blend of delivery models for the various aspects of your project.

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