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Bulk Network Data Operations

Sincera’ s Software product line of Data manipulation tools

Sincera’s Software product line of Data manipulation tools are applications designed to automate manually Data intensive processes. The tools provide the ability to perform bulk data operations while still respecting the access and permissions of the OSS User account. Using these tools, employees gain efficiency in data management by allowing the user to quickly perform operations like:

Rehomes and regrooms:

Example. Moving Multiple Circuits Terminated on a Vendor’s switch to a new device

Modify Data to comply with corporate standards.

When data is consistency, working with application Object models become more efficient. This allows for better quality reports, a better understanding of the data, and overall ease of use.

Easily update large amounts of data after a physical audit.

Example: Adding/Updating important missing data into the Application using a bulk operation.

Easily read/extract existing application data to a delimited format for compliance cleanup.

Example: Allow for application data to be exported and modified using a tool like MS-Excel. Once data has been modified it can be reloaded back into the application.

Using these tools, users create processing Jobs that defining the operations and application objects to be modified. A Job contains all the data to be processed, details on the application objects that will be processed against, and the order that the objects are processed. A detailed log on all operations is maintained allowing for easy review of any fallout from the Job. Jobs can also perform READ operations on existing object data and can import existing delimited data files for processing.

Key Benefits

  • Respects OSS Application user account privileges

  • Respects OSS Application business rules

  • Jobs can run unassisted allowing the user to work on other, more productive items.

  • Easy to use interface allows for quick learning and a fast Return on Investment.

  • Telecom Engineer Level Tool – The user does not need to be a programmer

  • Easy to move data with import/export capabilities (.csv Standard Files)

Trusted by major telecom companies

Established in 2003, Sincera continues to serve major leaders in the telecom industry world wide.

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