Network Information Compliance Engine

Sincera’s Network Information Compliance Engine (NICE) is a platform designed to identify and correct inconsistent, incomplete, inaccurate, and non-standardized data in various network data sources. With NICE, network operators can define and retrieve sets of data from multiple sources and process them using a rule-based engine to uncover exceptions and data anomalies. The non-compliant data can then be processed by the defined export services for data correction.

Key Benefits

  • Process efficiencies and high ROI (OpEx and CapEx)

  • A non-intrusive overlay software application

  • Continuous monitoring and improvement of network data quality

  • Early detection of data corruption and root causes

  • Enables system integration and process automation while minimizing fallouts due to data errors

  • Ease of use

  • Database technology agnostic

  • Flexible, customizable to meet customers’ needs

Key Features

  • Identify inconsistent, incomplete, inaccurate, and non-standardized data

  • A fully customizable rules engine

  • Data import and export adaptors for various network data sources

  • User-friendly Interface

  • Run time statistics with data quality KPIs

  • Standard and Custom Reporting

  • Micro Services architecture

NICE is a system that continually identifies and corrects inconsistent, inaccurate, and non-standardized data in various enterprise network data sources based on user-defined rules and industry best practices.

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